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Core network migration paths to 5G (June 2019)

As Evolved Packet Core (EPC) played a key role in 4G LTE, 5GC is the new 5G core network (5GC) defined by 3GPP. Unlike previous generations, 5G deployment can use either the existing EPC or the 5GC. In addition, 5G introduced either in StandAlone mode (SA) using 5GC or in Non-StandAlone mode (NSA) with EPC/5GC, which adds complexity to find the best migration path to 5G.

How to test a system with thousands of UEs (June 2019)

Can you verify a core network system with multiple users? Buying a number of phones can be an option, and using a HW-based multi-UE simulator can be considered if the budget allows. NextEPC is developing a new innovative software-based solution for testing 4G/5G core systems. Coming soon!

NextEPC v1.0.0 has been released (May 2019)

NextEPC has been provided 4G LTE EPC open source software from 2017. In May 2019, v1.0.0 is now available on Ubuntu 18.04. 


LTE and 5G Core

In recent years, a range of industries and enterprises has begun deploying custom-designed private cellular networks, which we term community cellular networks (CCNs). Decentralizing these networks could potentially empower the local community, increasing opportunities and freedom. For example, the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the shared 3.5GHz band supports independent indoor and outdoor cellular networks. Imagine that several private LTE networks operating in a single building, neighborhood or campus. Similarly, LTE networks in unlicensed spectrum such as LTE-U and LAA are also gaining more attention. With this emerging trend, the desirable cellular core network needs to provide flexibility, scalability and robustness coordinating multiple independent cellular network entities in the community such that users can enjoy seamless, reliable, and efficient communication across these networks is of paramount importance.

NextEPC Inc. is developing software solutions for LTE/5G/NB-IoT core network entities. Our solutions are not only fully compliant with the latest 3GPP specifications, but also they are extended to include a set of further functionalities such as s1/x2 aggregation, proxying, local breakout, etc.

Flexibility – Our portable software-based implementation is versatile in any type of hosting environment. 

Scalability - Capacity is easily increased by adding more software instances.

Robustness - Our solution supports all 3GPP standard-based reliability features (e.g, S1-flex) as well as our proprietary failover technique which provides seamless service to users. 


Example of Community Cellular Networks (CCNs)
Example of Community Cellular Networks (CCNs)

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